May 31, 2012

King Midas and the Gingerbread Man - by Nathan

Once upon a time King Midas went to the Gingerbread Man's house. King Midas knocked on the door. Knock! Knock! Knock! The Gingerbread Man said, "No one is here." "I am King Midas!"  "Are you going to eat me?" "No," said King Midas. King Midas touched him and be brought the gold statue of him home. King Midas poured water on him, and they put him in the oven, and they ate him for lunch! They went for a nap, and in the morning they made another Gingerbread Man and he ran away. The Gingerbread Man went back to his home and he locked the door. King Midas went back home from his work, and the Gingerbread Man lived happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

That is a great story. In French, roi is king.

French 3 student MHS

Anonymous said...

That was quite a story, the ginger bread man was all over the place. Le roi Midas (that's what he would be called in French) loved to eat gingerbread men!

Max Meier
French III MHS

Anonymous said...

Knock, knock?

Who's There?

King Midais.

King Midais who?

King Midais the Gingerbread Eater

"le mangeur" is for eater in French.

-Austen French 3 MHS student

Anonymous said...

I am happy the Gingerbread Man was OK at the end of the story.

Our Classroom Family said...

Thank you for reading my story. It was fun to write it.