May 31, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood Meets Custard, the Dragon - by Emma

Once upon a time Little Red Riding Hood went into Custard the Dragon's story. She met Belinda, and her little black kitten, Ink, and her little gray mouse, Blink, and her little yellow dog, Mustard, and her dragon, Custard. I got to ride on Custard. We went to the woods and back. We flew around a tree fifty times. I loved visiting Custard. It was fun. And we lived happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

Great story, Emma. Was Custard tired after flying around the tree fifty times? Love, Mum

Our Classroom Family said...

Thank you, Mom. When I wrote it I thought it was really funny.

Anonymous said...

French III

I liked that story! I liked how the dragon's name was custard, I like that name! Did you know in french cat is "le chat" and dog in french is "le chien"?

Anonymous said...

I have a little black cat. In French, a little black is "un petit chat noir." Good work.

Madame Boisvert
French Teacher
Messalonskee High School

Mrs D. said...

I like your story Emma! I wish I was there to ride Custard around the tree with you! Sounds like fun!
I hope you write some more stories for me to enjoy.