June 4, 2012

The Gingerbread Man and Custard - by Jase

Once upon a time there was a Gingerbread Man and a dragon named Custard. But one day the Gingerbread Man went into the story Custard the Dragon. The Gingerbread Man was scared of the dog and the cat and the mouse and mostly the dragon because he almost ate him up. But they became friends, so they played all day and all night and they lived happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy the Gingerbread Man became friends with the dragon!

Friend is "ami" in French.

French 3 Student

Anonymous said...

They seem like really good friends, mouse is souris in french.

Max Meier
Fr.III Student M.H.S

Our Classroom Family said...

Merci! Thank you for leaving us comments.

Mrs. Pierce said...

It's fun to see what happens when a character from one story goes into another story. I'm glad that they became friends. Mrs. PIerceue