June 4, 2012

The Gingerbread Man and the Wolf - by Dana

Hi, I'm the Gingerbread Man. I am going into Red Riding Hood's story. I'd better watch out for the Big Bad Wolf. Oh, oh, let's just get on with the story. AAAHHHH! The Big Bad Wolf! Ugh! And little Red Riding Hood as well. They're trying to eat me! Help! Oh no! I hear something coming. The Wolf is catching up, but that doesn't stop me. I'll go faster. Oh no! I'm going too fast, I can't see, aaahhh! Stop! I can help you. Oh! A woodcutter. Well, will you eat me too? No! 
Was that a good story, or what?


Anonymous said...

Better watch out for that wolf! grand méchant loup means big bad wolf in French.

Becca, French 3 Student, MHS

Anonymous said...

Better stay away from that wolf. grand méchant loup means Big bad wolf in French

Becca, French 3 student, MHS

Anonymous said...

I am happy a woodcutter was able to save the Gingerbread Man. I can see why the Gingerbread Man was afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. Yes, that was a GREAT story

Our Classroom Family said...

Thank you. It was very hard to get away from the wolf!

Katherine said...

YOU ARE SO CREATIVE! I laughed because it was entertaining:D