June 5, 2012

Red Riding Hood & the Woodcutter - by Natasha

Once upon a time Red Riding Hood went in the forest. She met a Woodcutter. He gave her 3 wishes. She went and made 3 wishes. She wished for a dolphin, and a horse, and a bird. They all lived happily ever after.


Dave Boardman said...

Hi Natasha! I like your version of Little Red Riding Hood! She made good wishes. I think I would also wish for a horse and a dolphin, but I'd rather have a goat than a bird. Nice writing!

Anonymous said...

That was a great story, I like what you wished for. Little Red Riding Hoods name in french is Petit Chaperon Rouge.

Fr. III Student

Gail George said...

I love your wishes except for the bird because we already have hundreds of them that wake me up every morning at four o'clock!

Our Classroom Family said...

Thank you for saying that!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story!! Très bien!(very good)

French III

Mrs. Firnkes- JHB said...


Fabulous story! Boy, would I love to have three wishes!!! Red Riding Hood was one lucky girl!

Thanks for sharing,

Mrs. D. said...

Great story Natasha! I would wish for a bird, too! I like that they lived happily ever after.

Mr. DeMott said...

Awesome story Natasha! What was the woodcutter's name? Dolphins are cool.

Mr. DeMott-MHS

Kealy. said...

This was a great little story!!(: ~K.

Katherine said...

I love dolphins! I think it's cool that the Woodcutter can grant wishes.

Jordan Pelletier said...

This is the best story of all time...AMAZING!