June 4, 2012

Thumbelina and the Witch - by Joddi

Once upon a time Thumbelina went to a witch's house. The Witch was from Hansel and Gretal and she made Thumbelina eat the house. Thumbelina didn't know she was a witch, but she found out that she was from her voice. "Start the oven!" said the Witch. "No! I will not," said Thumbelina. "Yes you will!" So Thumbelina kicked her into the oven and ate her, and lived happily every after.


Anonymous said...

The witch seems like a very mean person. Her voice must have been awful.

Our Classroom Family said...

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Anonymous said...

Was the witch tasty? The word for "witch" in French is la sorciere.

Anonymous said...

This story is very interesting. The witch seems like a mean person and I am glad that Thumbelina stood up for herself and was like her own personal hero. The french word for hero is le héros.
Kaileigh Lenentine French 3 MHS student

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you were able to get rid of the witch, because she seems like a very mean person. The word for oven in French is un four. Keep doing great work!

Anna Schwartzberg
French III Student

Anonymous said...

What a mean witch! Thumbelina sounds like a great person. Quelle belle histoire!(what a great story!)

Anonymous said...

French III

I liked this story! I'm glad Thumbelina was okay! Did you know house in french is "le maison"?