June 4, 2012

The Witch, King Midas, and Thumbelina - by Lillian

Once upon a time there lived the Witch, King Midas, and Thumbelina. We all went in the woods. We found an apple tree. King Midas picked an apple and turned into gold. The Witch touched an apple and then it rotted. When Thumbelina touched an apple it was covered with butterflies. We picked so many! We had 100 pies! We had them for a month. We got sick of them, so we decided to sell the last one. And a tiny ladybug flew by. They all went home, and they lived happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

The ladybug must have been beautiful! That is called a "coccinelle" in French. What a lovely story.

Madame Boisvert
French Teacher
Messalonskee High School

Anonymous said...

Nice Story! Tarte is pie in French.

French 3 MHS

Our Classroom Family said...

Merci! I'm glad you liked my story.

Anonymous said...

I hope the witch never touched the apples going into the pie. The french word for witch is sorcière. Great story keep up the good work and you could be a writer some day.
Justin Spencer
French 3